Classroom Information

Before and After School Program
The morning session consists of quiet activities such as reading, table toys and games, followed by a healthy breakfast. Time is scheduled for the children to organize their school materials prior to their departure to school.

The afternoon begins with a snack and outdoor playtime, followed by a supervised homework time. Arts and crafts projects, games, cooking activities and organized club time round out the afternoon. You can count on Little Hands even during teacher workdays and early-dismissal days.

What You Need to Know:

  • Busing is provided for all children within the district.
  • Each child will receive a cubby to keep his/her personal belongings, including: coats, backpacks, blankets, pillows and papers. Please check these cubbies for your child’s work or notes from your child’s teacher daily.
  • Our naptime is from about 1:30 to 2:40 p.m. Children are allowed to participate in quiet activities if they are unable to sleep. In the summer, school-age children are given a choice between laying down or participating in a quiet activity.
  • We ask that you keep an extra set of weather-appropriate clothing in your child’s cubby in case of accident or spills.
  • Please be sure to have appropriate outdoor gear for the season since we go outside twice daily year-round.


Our school-age rooms offer many activities for all children. These activities include group time, art, songs, story time, play time, sensory activities, quiet activities (games, puzzles and books), homework time, writing practice, reading practice, motor skills, etc. We enjoy walks, park visits and field trips throughout the summer months.


Our classroom has a wide range of age-appropriate and educational toys and books. During free time, our children enjoy playing board games, practicing flashcards, building with a variety of blocks, drawing, writing, coloring, and time on child-friendly tablets.

School-Age Summer Program (and No-School Days)

Because our school-age program goes from a before-and-after-school program to a full-day program in the summers, quite a few changes occur when school is dismissed for the summer (and on no-school days during the school year).

We also believe that academics must be extended into the summertime. Therefore, we write journal entries daily, practice reading, and enjoy games like “Around the World” and “Number Bingo” to enhance learning.

Finally, we offer a wide range of fun, outdoor activities in the summer. We enjoy field trips, outdoor classroom, walks, and water day during the warm months.